Pubblicato: ottobre 5, 2013 in Musica

Pubblicato: ottobre 5, 2013 in Musica


Ad Ottobre uscirĂ  un nuovo album interamente sul sociale dal titolo Klandestine

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To try to express in simple words what I wish to express with my music is not easy: probably because in the past I have always felt myself tied to the Blues genre which more often than not reflects my personality. Jazz is a strong but more recent passion which goes back about fifteen years to when I bought my first piano and consequently left behind the idea that classical music is everything and that the piano is only for classical music! Now whose idea was that!?

In any case my musical career, obviously enough, started with a classical training! I finished my studies at the Perugia Conservatory with good results that qualified me technically as a music teacher but, well, it’s pretty hard to make a living from music!

In the course of time I have been on a quest for those sounds that I feel really belong to me: a chromatic scale that best expresses the highs and lows of my changing moods.

This research has led to the creation of tracks which range from an expression of great melancholy such as “Sad Farewell” and “Infinite Love”, to tracks which express abundant joy like “Horizon”, my personal favorite.

I leave to you the arduous task of judging just how much truth lies in my words while listening to the compositions that I have made available for you here. Thank you for listening!

Walter Mazzaccaro

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